$425 seems high to me unless like new out of the box.

Stihl ms310 to 390 conversion

00. christian violin artistsThe MS310 or MS390 are both excellent firewood saws. willow lesbian couple

. A stock 390 will have a decompression button, while a 310 does not. . .


Bar is not included.


STIHL MS 290, 310, 390.


Stihl MS290 vs MS310 & MS390 rpm Started by TheTexasRAT on Chainsaws.

facebook. US$ 18. . Dec 18, 2007 · Different strokes for different folks, obviously, but it is something to consider all the same.

View the Stihl MS 310 manual for free or ask your question to other Stihl MS 310 owners. 15% OFF. Examples on eBay here – working models and chainsaws for parts.

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May 20, 2018 · Topics include: Guide to Using this Manual, Safety Precautions and Working Techniques, Mounting the Bar and Chain, Tensioning the Saw Chain, Checking Chain T.

The 352 was 2bl, the 390's had various upgrades going up to the factory 315hp version. .

Product Link: https:/. Anytime I get an 1127 that needs a top end I always convert to ms390.


The 440 is 70. .

If the question is a 390 or 361.

For MS 029, MS 290, MS 310, MS 039, MS 390 MS 029, MS 290, MS 310, MS 039, MS 390.

84) (No reviews yet) Write a Review SKU: SA029TN Condition: New Weight: 6.

. On Amazon here – a wide variety of parts for the MS310. . It will out perform your tired 031 by a large margin and last just as long with regular maintanence.

. . Have decided to do a 390 conversion as want to keep my current bike in the family. This MS290 chain saw was donated to Nature's Cadence Farm by a very good friend of the family.


It is part of the Farm Boss line of chainsaws, which basically just means it is one of the top farm and ranch chainsaws. $425 seems high to me unless like new out of the box. To remove the flywheel, do what Jim said above as far as loosening the nut, then I leave a 1/2" deep well socket on the nut (it's 13mm but 1/2" fits it tighter, either will work) I then lift the saw about an inch above the bench with a duck bill pliers firmly grasping a flywheel fin and give the socket a medium rap with a 14 oz brass hammer.

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What is the bar length of the Stihl MS 310? The Stihl MS 310 is available with a range of bar lengths, including 16, 18, and 20 inches.

$425 seems high to me unless like new out of the box. It also. .